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Zynga poker bot

Are you have hear cheat poker bot??
or you are have it.

zynga cash chip poker hacking bot

Poker Bot has been built and tested using the following components:

* operating system: Windows XP / Windows Vista
* color depth: 32bit
* web browser: Mozilla FireFox / Internet Explorer / Google Chrome / Custom Console
* zynga poker app: FaceBook Poker / MySpace Poker

To Start The Bot in a Browse

Using this method you start poker as you normally would if you were playing, then load the bot and it will take over your play.

* login to facebook or myspace using your browser
* navigate to the zynga poker page
* set browser_* options in settings.ini to your prefered browser
* run bot.exe

To Start The Bot in a Console

If you have a small resolution or you just don't like the clutter of the browser then you can run in a Custom Console.

* login to facebook using Internet Explorer, make sure to tick the "remember me" checkbox
* set browser_* options in settings.ini to the console option
* run bot.exe

First Time Training

When you run your bot it will check to see if a file called data/seat/done.txt exists. If it does not exist then the Seat Trainer will start.

The Seat Trainer will ask you to join an empty table, if you join an empty table and nothing happens please see this post.

Once the bot detects a table you may see a popup asking you to enter the big blind. If the image says 10k/20k you need to enter 20000. This number will be saved into a file in data/blind/[checksum].txt where checksum is the PixelChecksum of the pixels of the blinds image. You can find more information about how it saves the blinds in this post.

Now the Seat Trainer will start recording and sitting you into each seat from 1 to 9. If somebody else joins the room you can pause the bot until they leave. If they do not leave you can join another room with the same blind and then unpause.

When the Seat Trainer is complete it will create a file data/seat/done.txt and the bot will start running.

Hot Keys

* CTRL+ALT+X - Exit
* CTRL+ALT+P - Pause

DownLoad Files

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